Elofun’s Development Stack comprises meticulously selected advanced tools, prioritizing scalability and ease of development to optimize performance and deliver engaging experiences to users.

Elofun remains at the forefront of integrating the latest technological innovations in the gaming industry. From design to infrastructure and servers. Every component in Elofun’s system is tailored to provide users with captivating gaming experiences while ensuring security, storage, and efficient data collection, particularly when integrated into partner systems.

1️⃣ Game Development Tool

At the core of Elofun’s gaming experience lies Cocos Creator. With its powerful suite of tools and intuitive workflow, Cocos Creator empowers our developers to create captivating games with stunning visuals and smooth performance across multiple platforms.

2️⃣ Server Management System

Handling the server-side logic is Node.js (NodeJD). Its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O operations ensure optimal performance and scalability, allowing Elofun to support a large number of concurrent players seamlessly.

3️⃣ Message Queue System

Elofun relies on NATS for its message queue needs. NATS provides a lightweight and efficient message queue system, enabling reliable communication between various components of the game infrastructure while minimizing latency.

4️⃣ Cache Solution

Redis serves as the caching layer for Elofun. By storing frequently accessed data in memory, Redis accelerates data retrieval, reduces database load, and enhances the overall responsiveness of the gaming experience.

5️⃣ Database Management System

Elofun’s data is managed using MariaDB, a robust and scalable relational database system. MariaDB ensures the integrity and availability of game-related data, supporting complex queries and transactions efficiently.

6️⃣ Deployment Orchestration Platform

For deployment and orchestration, Elofun leverages Kubernetes (K8S). Kubernetes automates containerized application management, ensuring high availability, scalability, and resilience to handle fluctuations in player traffic effectively.

7️⃣ Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Tool

Simplifying database interactions is Prisma, Elofun’s ORM tool of choice. Prisma abstracts away the complexities of database queries and migrations, allowing developers to focus on building features and iterating rapidly.

At Elofun, we are dedicated to providing engaging gaming experiences that captivate players through our products, while simultaneously providing added value for our partners.

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