Danske Bank – Denmark’s top financial name with over 5 million retail and business customers., ran a gamification campaign with these highlights.


🔹 Objective: Integrate gaming elements into banking mechanics, transforming it into a dynamic, interactive experience.

🔹 Game Style: An interactive mini-game presented as a quiz, guiding users through the process of applying for grants to improve home energy efficiency.

🔹 Detailed: Danske Bank endeavors to inform homeowners about accessing government funds for energy upgrades, departing from traditional written communications.

🔹 User benefits: Users can conveniently and enjoyably apply for benefits through the game.

🔹 CTA: Delve deeper to finalize your grant application.


Danske Bank had concerns about whether gamification would suit their industry.

Furthermore, Danske Bank encountered a common challenge shared by numerous companies in the banking, finance, insurance, and pension sectors: How could they captivate their audience with a topic that was low in interest but high in complexity?


Danske Bank went with an interactive quiz-style guide for their go-to-market campaign—something that really clicked with their brand. Venturing into this format was a real game-changer.


Danske Bank handled most tasks internally, collaborating with Playable’s Customer Success team to refine the processes.

  • Interactive quiz-style guide
  • Email & Danske Guide (messaging within e-banking)
  • Display advertisements
  • Print and digital newspaper ads

Although the campaign required more time compared to crafting a standard article or planning a static ad, the investment paid off in the end.


✔️ 25,576 people took the quiz within 1 month (the goal was 10K)

✔️ 38,5% conversion rate at the end of the guide (Benchmark is 2-3%)

“Let’s be honest, banking is rarely seen as sexy. Like pension and insurance, you rarely feel a natural urge to explore your options unless you have to. With this in mind, we did not expect a conversion rate of such a high number when it came to clicking further through to external pages after already having spent a few minutes on this gamification quiz. A CTR of 38.5% is an amazing result”

– Peder Thomsen, Marketing Consultant at Danske Bank –

Gamification has become a crucial tool in the banking industry today.

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