Banana Boat & Hawaiian Tropic collaborated with Gamify to craft a dynamic game campaign that not only educated customers about their products but also offered them the exciting opportunity to win a paid trip to Universal Orlando Resort.


Banana Boat – a US sunscreen brand that has been around for more than 40 years and has offered many interesting sweepstakes programs, such as Wheel of Fun, Bingo,… One of the most creative sweepstakes combines Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic to create a game called “Sun. Fun. Done.”. This game encourages players to share their contact information in exchange for game plays.


Players shake the coconut tree, and the number of coconuts that fall determines the number of times they can win a trip to Universal Orlando Resort. 

The game is designed simply yet beautifully, and its structure offers an engaging experience to attract players. Simultaneously, with enticing prizes, this game encourages users to actively interact with the brand as much as possible.


✔️ 147,623 Total Plays

✔️ 19,416 Social Shares

✔️ 98.7% Engagement Rate

✔️ 130,783 Unique Players

This campaign’s success proves that having a clear goal and keeping things straightforward really pays off. When they stuck to what mattered and it really worked out for them.

Gamification is truly becoming an increasingly important strategy. The proof is that large businesses have applied it and are extremely successful.

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