Gamification improves sales funnels and is increasingly used in marketing activities. 

What marketers say about the impact of gamification

According to the Demand Gen report, 93% of marketers plan to use gamification in their future activities, including:

– 81% find gamification more attention-grabbing than static material.

– 88% believe gamification differentiates their brand from competitors

– 79% think gamification leads to repeat visits and multiple views

– 70% see gamification as successfully engaging users.

Benefits of gamification in marketing and sales activities

Statistics also demonstrate that gamification brings numerous benefits to marketing and sales activities:

Gamification captivates your audience

Gamification is a proven method to enhance user engagement. With compelling content that captivates your audience, users are less likely to overlook your message, ensuring that your brand remains top of mind.

Gamification helps increase conversion rates

Gamification implements interactive tasks that reward users for their participation through badges, collecting trophies, accumulating points, or unlocking exclusive features. Gamification approach encourages users to interact with your brand actively, significantly boosting conversion rates.

Gamification amplifies brand visibility and loyalty 

Gamification takes your brand awareness and loyalty to new heights as visitors become fully immersed in an interactive and rewarding experience. Gamification not only provides tangible benefits but also fosters a sense of connection and loyalty among your audience.

Gamification brings more fun to user experience

By infusing gamification elements into your strategy, you not only achieve your marketing goals but also create an enjoyable and memorable journey for your users, ensuring lasting positive associations with your brand.

Consequently, more modern businesses are utilizing gamification in marketing and sales to achieve attraction and retention goals throughout the entire customer journey.

Source: Motivait.

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