In recent years, the banking landscape has experienced notable shifts, characterized by clear waves of innovation.

#1🌊: Bank-fintech partnerships

In the first phase, banks teamed up with fintech (financial technology) companies to spice up their services. They added fun, interactive features of game to engage customers, while dodging the usual regulatory headaches faced by fintechs trying to become full-blown banks.

The main aim was to jazz up banking with cool tech stuff, especially when it came to teaching folks about money and helping them save.

Fintechs loved it too – they could reach more people without dealing with all the red tape that comes with traditional banking.

#2🌊: Special bank charters

The second wave entails the introduction of specialized licenses or charters, granting companies partial banking functionalities without the obligations of full-fledged banking status.

Primarily aimed at accommodating fintech firms, this phase allows them to engage in banking activities such as lending and deposit-taking while sidestepping the exhaustive regulatory burdens typical of traditional banks.

This period is distinguished by regulatory adjustments aimed at streamlining the entry of non-traditional banking and financial services into the sector, fostering innovation while safeguarding consumer interests.

According to “The Gamification of Banking”, a recent research by University of Illinois, we’re currently experiencing the third wave.

#3🌊: Mega financial platforms

The future, or third wave, is moving towards creating huge platform ecosystems where finance and tech blend seamlessly.

Big tech players, especially those with cloud computing chops, are set to be major players. They’re likely to offer gamification tools to banks and others, making finance more fun and interactive.

Gamification isn’t just a fad. It could be the game-changer for how banking and finance evolve.

Gamification has become a crucial tool in the banking industry today.

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