After their sponsorship of “The Block NZ” Pita Pit sought to enrich their marketing approach by launching a gamification campaign to further engage with customers.


Pita Pit, a franchise offering healthy fast-food choices, operates across Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

After sponsoring the reality TV show “The Block NZ” Pita Pit sought to enhance their marketing strategy and engage with customers more effectively. This initiative led to the creation of a gamification campaign aimed at growing their customer base, specifically targeting viewers of “The Block NZ.


Pita Pit’s objective was to establish a connection with The Block NZ through a Facebook-based social media campaign.

They crafted a captivating “Match Game” competition, enticing participants with a chance to win an assortment of prizes:

– Free Pita.

– Free Drinks.

– 4 Power tools courtesy of Bosch.


✔️ 70,810 Total Plays.

✔️ 370 Social Shares.

✔️ 96.8% Engagement Rate.

✔️ 40,231 Unique Players.

The game captivated an audience of over 4,000 people and achieved an outstanding completion rate of 96.8% throughout its month-long campaign, totaling 70,810 plays. Surprisingly, the average user revisited the game an impressive 17 times, resulting in an astonishing average engagement time of 22.5 minutes.

On Facebook, related posts garnered significant attention with a total of 346 likes, 37 shares, and 159 comments. Among the comments, the recurring sentiment was one of addiction, with users frequently exclaiming, “Addictive!”



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