The most exciting news this October is the official launch of “Đảo Vàng,” Elofun’s gamification, which is a key component of the marketing strategy for Viettel Money Partner. “Đảo Vàng” promises an epic journey filled with endless excitement and treasures.

Now, let’s explore some interesting mechanics of this new game.

1. Timeline

“Đảo Vàng” opening times: 25/10/2023 – 31/12/2023

2. Players complete tasks to earn “Hạt Vàng”

Players participate in the program and perform tasks to collect “Gold Seeds”. When accumulating 1,000 “Hạt Vàng”, players can exchange them for 1 lottery ticket to participate in the lucky draw.

3. Prize

At 6:30 p.m. every day, “Đảo vàng” will draw lucky numbers and choose the luckiest person to receive the “Lộc Vàng” award.

While on missions, in addition to “Hạt Vàng” players also have the opportunity to earn rewards such as gold bars, bonuses, vouchers, and spins.

4. Several methods give extra spins and ‘Hạt Vàng’ offers thrilling gameplay.

a) Receive 1 spin and 100 “Hạt Vàng”

– Daily program access (1 time/day)

– Invite friends via Viettel SMS, up to 5 different recipients (5 times/day)

– Send at least 5,000 VND/day to friends and relatives, up to 3 different recipients (3 times/day)

b) Receive 2 spins and 200 “Hạt Vàng”

– Top up your prepaid or pay a postpaid fee of at least 5,000 VND with Viettel Money (3 times/day)

– Make payment transactions for Viettel 3G/4G data on Viettel Money (3 times/day)

c) Receive 5 spins and 500 “Hạt Vàng” 

– Upon successful Mobile Money account registration (1 time/program)

d) Receive 1 spin 

– Redeeming 25 Viettel++ points (unlimited times/day)

5. Noted

– Players can accumulate “Hạt Vàng” throughout the day to exchange for lottery tickets, with a limit of up to 5 lottery tickets per day.

– The program may end prematurely if the gifts are exhausted.

– In the case of a bonus prize, it will be credited to the player’s account within 72 hours of receiving the notification of winning.

Join now at: https://viettelmoney.vn/daovang2023

Elofun is proud to provide quality products for our partners, and contribute to their targets: keep retention of users, get new customers, and open the market. 

Elofun also wants to have the opportunity to collaborate with new partners and bring wonderful value to them. Connect us now for the Gamification strategy of your company shortly.

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