MintPro devised a creative solution to enhance sales productivity by incorporating gamification into their app.


MintPro is an insurance app crafted for those who want to launch, develop, or oversee their insurance business. It helps users become trusted advisors to their clients, delivering excellent service and guidance.


MintPro encountered several significant obstacles that hindered its growth and visibility:

– Low Content Sharing: Limited content sharing among users reduced engagement and reach.

– Low Lead Generation: A scarcity of leads impacted its capacity to attract new customers.

– Low Transaction Volume: Reduced transaction volume hampered overall business growth.

Overcoming these challenges is crucial for MintPro to improve its performance and achieve its business objectives.


MintPro collaborated with Flyy to create a three-level gamification system to motivate users to participate. Users need to collect 8 stickers at each level. Stickers can be earned by performing the following tasks:

– Searching for potential customers

– Sharing MintPro content

– Completing MintAcademy courses

– Selling a MintPro service

This campaign took place from April 20 to May 30, 2021, and produced significant results.


Gamification greatly boosted user engagement as participants aimed to collect stickers, creating an interactive environment. The campaign’s structure encouraged users to generate leads, leading to a significant rise in lead creation.

🔹 38,028 unique users participated in the event

🔹 8x increase in courses completed per week

🔹 4x increase in unique users completing a course per week

🔹 2x increase in Weekly Active Users (WAU)

🔹 Record high in Monthly Active Users (MAU), with a ~50% increase since the campaign’s start

This gamified campaign led to a surge in transaction volumes and content sharing, and also contributed to a substantial increase in sales.

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