With the gamification named “Reflex Game”, Nissan has brought awareness to their Intelligent Mobility technology and built a positive brand association with a fun campaign.


iSeek Networks specializes in interactive marketing and media solutions, particularly through the deployment of engaging out-of-home technology via interactive kiosks. Nissan partnered with iSeek to develop an interactive campaign kiosk specifically for the Fast 5 Netball World Series event they were sponsoring.

They used gamification to build awareness around their Intelligent Mobility technology, while remaining relevant to the sporting event.

The Purpose

Nissan aimed to introduce their Intelligent Mobility technology while simultaneously fostering a positive brand image through an engaging and enjoyable campaign.

The Solution

They introduced a custom-designed “Reflex Game” where customers had the opportunity to win exclusive signed Netball merchandise. 

This gamified campaign captivated users with a grand prize: an Australian Diamonds Netball Skirt signed by the entire team, set to be announced and awarded just before the grand final.

The result

✔️ 1,014 Total Plays

✔️ 6-65 Age Range

✔️ 100% Engagement Rate

✔️ 4 Average Repeat Plays

The game efficiently showcased Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility technology and sparked considerable interest in the brand.

The interactive kiosk, strategically placed at the stadium’s entrance, attracted substantial engagement.

Throughout the two-day event, a steady stream of participants lined up during breaks between netball games, eagerly vying for the top score. 

Notably, many players made multiple return visits, each more determined than the last to outperform their previous efforts and claim the highest score.

Gamification is truly becoming an increasingly important strategy. The proof is that large businesses have applied it and are extremely successful.

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