Target’s 3D gaming app lets kids create Christmas wish lists with ease. And for moms, there’s a user-friendly e-commerce platform to turn those wishes into reality. The success of this campaign has been substantial.


Target sought to enhance its Holiday Kids Gifting catalog, reimagining the traditional wish-list creation process into a dynamic, multichannel experience for both moms and kids.

The primary goal of the campaign was to position Target and as the preferred holiday destinations, outshining competitors like Toys ‘R’ Us and

Target Audience

The campaign was tailored for two distinct groups: mothers and children.

Specifically, the brand directed its attention to “Millennial Moms,” a category not limited strictly to the Millennial generation but inclusive of digitally connected mothers with children in the preschool to tween age brackets.

The Idea

The brand innovated by developing an app that provided a 3D animated, game-like experience, enabling kids to curate wish lists and effortlessly dispatch them to Santa.

Concurrently, mothers were empowered to access and share wish lists with relatives. Moreover, the app incorporated an augmented reality feature for on-site wish-list creation in-store.

Detailed Campaign

In the gaming scenario, kids were invited to embark on an interactive journey through the Target Toy Factory, accompanied by Bullseye, Target’s cheerful mascot. This virtual escapade featured captivating 3D-animated rooms, the ability to personalize avatar characters, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for crafting wishlists, a space for composing letters to Santa,

Once the kids finalized their wishlists, parents were provided with secure access to review, modify, and share these lists with friends and family. This functionality enabled parents to manage and interact with their children’s wishlists efficiently.

The results

– Nearly 75,000 downloads

– Over 100,000 wish lists were created

– 9,200 new accounts 

– Over 1 million page visits to via the app

– 61% of users used the app multiple times a week

– 31% who used the app multiple times per day

– Nearly 1.7 million total items were added

– Total sales potential of $92.3 million.


User data collected from the app demonstrated its success, showcasing the significant potential that gamification can bring to your business applications.

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