GAMIFICATION CASE STUDY | Caixa Bank – 9Bi+ #Tamo Junto

Caixa Bank, the largest public bank in Latin America combined the Octalysis/Funifier to create the project with the Brazilian nickname Tamo Junto 9Bi+ (Together we reach 9Bi+).


Caixa Econômica Federal, the biggest public bank in Latin America, hit a whopping net profit of about US$1.5 Billion. They aimed to bump this up to around US$1.8 Billion, but scoring a 12% boost isn’t a walk in the park in the banking and finance game, especially in a market as mature as this.


Therefore, Caixa teamed up with Octalysis/Funifier to launch the gamification project Tamo Junto 9Bi+ (Together we reach 9Bi+), aiming to distribute profits among departments, groups, and individuals. 

This initiative engages over 83,000 employees, fostering unity as they strive to meet their individual profit targets and consequently enhancing the bank’s productivity, leading to a significant increase in profits.


A gamification platform is created with numerous engaging features: Humanity hero, Elitism, Points and Exchangeable Points, Quest list, Instant feedback, Milestone unlock, Virtual goods, Collections, Monitor, Group Quests,…

There were also various prizes up for grabs, including the chance to win a TV.

As employees actively participate in the gamified experience, they have the chance to reach personal milestones in their own manner, leading to an enhanced sense of empowerment (Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback) and receiving public recognition (Core Drive 5: Social Influence and Relatedness).


✅ Employee engagement: from 10% to 92% increase.

✅ Profit blasted: 113% increase.

✅ Caixa Bank went from the #2 bank to the #1 bank in Brazil.


Today, gamification is a crucial tool in engagement management for banks.

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