The insurance industry is increasingly using gamification to enhance engagement and drive growth. By incorporating game-like elements into various processes, companies can motivate users and improve outcomes. Here are some examples of how insurers are effectively implementing gamification strategies.

1️⃣ Tryg – Danish Insurance Company: Use gamification to generate leads

Tryg, a Danish insurance company, developed a dental health quiz aimed at generating quality leads and increasing awareness of their dental insurance products. The quiz featured several questions about teeth and offered participants a chance to win an electric toothbrush.

This gamified approach not only provided a sense of accomplishment for users but also successfully promoted Tryg’s brand and educated clients about their offerings. 

The result:

This game garnered 595 leads and achieved a 29% conversion rate.

2️⃣ Allstate – Insurance Company: Use gamification in employee training

To educate employees about privacy information and the dangers of data theft, Allstate Insurance Company developed an online course featuring a superhero and a villain. 

The result:

– This engaging, game-based, and instructive approach led to about 80% of the company’s 70,000 employees participating. 

– The courses with gamification elements had significantly higher participation rates compared to those without.

3️⃣ Lawley – Insurance Company: Use gamification in product adoption

Lawley Insurance grappled with representatives underutilizing their sales tools, which caused disruptions in business forecasts. To tackle this challenge, the company introduced a gamified application that incentivized sales-related tasks like prospecting, making calls, and finalizing deals with points rewards. 

This strategic initiative not only enhanced software adoption but also drove a subsequent increase in both sales and overall engagement within the company.

The result

During a contest period, representatives actively engaged in 196 activities, leading to an impressive 150% rise in sales close date updates. 

Source: theflyy.com

Gamification has proven to significantly enhance business metrics in the insurance industry over the long term. Make gamification your strategic advantage!

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