Eloplay x FPT Play | 24% Discount | Eloplay Premium Package | 15/01 – 29/02


Celebrate the New Year 2024 with a 24% discount on the Eloplay Premium Package, exclusively on FPT Play Box

This special offer is valid from January 15th to February 29th.

Available Packages: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months


– Customers are required to register a user account on the FPT Play application and must be using the FPT Play Box service.

– The discount applies only to first-time customers purchasing the Eloplay Game package on FPT Play Box.

Applicable Device: BGM FPT Play, FPT Play Box S, FPT Play Box +, TV Samsung 2023.

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About Eloplay

Eloplay, an exceptional product from Elofun, is a platform designed for gaming on Smart TV & PC. It enables family members or friends to enjoy games together on a shared platform. Currently, Eloplay caters to over 3 million monthly users.

Eloplay Game Pool

Eloplay game pool is diverse and rich, catering to all age groups. Users can play solo, compete against each other, or join group activities. 

Especially, Elofun consistently updates the game pool to provide families with moments of relaxation and comfort.

The games encompass a wide range of genres, including intelligence, action, fun, and interaction, and are easy to play and enjoy, making them suitable for all ages. Drawing inspiration from classic games to current trends, these games are thoughtfully designed to appeal to a broad audience.

List of Eloplay game pool

1. Tank Battle (Bắn Xe Tăng)

2. Snake Ladder (Rắn và Thang)

3. Monster Hunter (Bắn Quái)

4. Hammer Throwing (Ném Búa)

5. Space Conqueror(Chinh Phục Không gian)

6. Monopoly (Cờ Tỷ Phú)

7. Bubble Shooter (Phù Thủy Bong Bóng)

8. X-O-X-O (Caro)

9. Ludo Arena (Cờ Cá Ngựa)

10. FlyDragon (Luyện Rồng)

11. Pirate Quizz (Hải Tặc Giải Đố)

12. Timberman (Chuột Chặt Cây)

13. Wacky Jacky

14. Bridge Builder (Bắc Cầu Ngang)

15. Knife Hit (Phóng Phi Tiêu)

16. Beyond Gravity (Không Trọng Lực)

17. Zig Zag (Đua Rồng)

Currently, Eloplay is accessible on the MyTV and FPT Play platforms, and it will soon be available on TV360 and Google Games, among others. Our goal is to robustly develop this platform for integration into numerous other applications, both domestically and internationally.

Business Contact

✔️ Email: [email protected]

✔️ SĐT: +84 868 887 888

Find out more about us

👉 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/elofun.entertainment

👉 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elofun-entertainment

👉 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@elofun

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