Tet is a prime time for deploying campaigns to attract users and boost sales, with gamification emerging as one of the latest trends chosen by businesses for their Tet campaigns. Elofun is proud to have earned the trust of many brands, serving as their partner in executing gamification campaigns during the Lunar New Year of 2024.

1. Heineken Starverse – #Kennection

Heineken introduces a new type of interactive experience on the STARVERSE virtual playground. This gamification feature enables users to share their current location, allowing Starverse to automatically connect them with other potential players. Once connected successfully, users can collaborate on interesting tasks provided by Heineken for a chance to win gifts.

This gamification initiative comprises two stages, each with its own version: Christmas and Tet, offering numerous valuable gifts such as:

– Christmas edition: Samsung Serif 55-inch TV, Sony PlayStation 5 game console, Apple Watch SE GPS, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and more.

– Tet edition: High-end Sony PlayStation game console, trendy Apple Watch,…

2. Viettel Money – “Tet Day Up”

With the message of “Tet Day Up” reaching all regions, Viettel Money launches the game “Suu Tam Ngoc Rong – Trieu Hoi Than Long” with two phases: “Du Xuanl” and “Sam Tet”.

In this gamification event, players undertake the task of collecting Dragon Pearls for a chance to win two Vinfast cars and millions of other attractive prizes, with a total prize value of up to 68 billion VND.

3. TV360 – “Quay TV360, Trung Li Xi Khung”

With its simple yet highly addictive Spin-To-Win mechanism, TV360 offers players the chance to win great rewards, including a 75-inch Samsung QLED TV, AirPods Pro, TV360 packages, and a variety of attractive phone card codes.

Furthermore, players can earn additional plays by accessing the game daily or completing tasks such as playing quiz games, watching videos, or registering for packages. This gameplay mechanism significantly contributes to increasing user traffic, conversion rates, and revenue during the Lunar New Year period.

Let’s eagerly anticipate what lies in store for Elofun in the Year of the Dragon!

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