Let’s reflect on the achievements and incredibly exciting activities of the last month of 2023 with Elofun, celebrating our proud milestones!

1️⃣ Welcome Eli – Elofun Brand Character

Please welcome Eli – the influencer of Elofun. The name Eli, derived from “joy” beautifully embodies the essence of Elofun’s spirit. Eli was crafted from the very meaning of the Elofun brand name, a harmonious blend of “Elo” and “Fun”:

Elo: Inspired by the “elo system”, a gaming industry standard used to evaluate player levels and skills.

Fun: Represents enjoyment, fun, and entertainment.

This synthesis gives rise to Eli – a character who is not only smart, modern, and technologically savvy but is always driven towards improvement and innovation. Eli is a dynamic, mischievous, and affectionate personality.

Join us in supporting Eli on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for the endless wonders that Eli will bring!

2️⃣ Elofun be a winner of the SME100 Awards 2023

We’re thrilled to share that Elofun was honored at the “SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards” ceremony on December 14. This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding achievements of fast-growing businesses in Vietnam. We are proud that Elofun has emerged as one of the top 33 winning businesses in 2023.

This award serves as a significant source of motivation for Elofun to continue developing its potential, delivering valuable services, and bringing numerous benefits to our customers and partners. Cheers to this achievement!

3️⃣ [Elofun x Publicis Group x Heineken] #Kennection – Heineken Starverse

Elofun is proud to present the most promising project for one of our most prominent clients this year – HEINEKEN. Partnering with the advertising agency PUBLICIS GROUPE, we successfully launched #Kennection project in the Heineken Starverse series on Dec 21st. It’s a first-time Elofun collab with the big shots from Heineken and PUBLICIS GROUPE, all part of our master plan to GO GLOBAL. #Kennection project helped Elofun close out 2023 with a bang and gearing up for an epic 2024.

4️⃣ Christmas at Elofun with interesting and memorable activities

Elofun spread joy this Christmas season through a series of exhilarating and captivating activities, providing a delightful and memorable experience for all.

Let’s look back at interesting activities at Elofun and share the fun for all people!

<<< Christmas at Elofun >>>

5️⃣ New Game – Star Nite is available on App Store & Google Play

Let’s explore gameplay of Star Nite:

⚡ Variety apparel – your style, your statement

⚡ Travel around the Star, collecting items & rewards

⚡ Level achieved, limits defied

⚡ Unlock special skin with the Star Catcher

⚡ Try your luck to collect more items


✔️ And: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

✔️ iOS: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/starnite-fun/id6469319663

6️⃣ MyID Go – New Update – New Mode

MyID Go is one of the most prominent gamifications of Elofun. MyID Go always received attention and enthusiastic responses from users since its official release today. The main reasons are design and gameplay.

️Elofun updated MyID Go new version on December, 2023 with a lot of new designs and features extremely wonderful:

⚡ Infinity Mode

⚡ Hero Mode

⚡ World Mode

⚡ Treasure Quest Mode

⚡ Bounce Quest Mode

⚡ Color Quest Mode

Please see the detailed content about these modes <<< at here >>>

Let’s eagerly anticipate discovering what awaits Elofun in early January 2024.

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