Gamification is very diverse with many different types. Each gamification style has its own advantages and disadvantages… Businesses have the flexibility to opt for the most suitable gamification approach based on their specific goals.

Here are 4 popular gamification types that are preferred by almost all marketers.

1️⃣ Spin to Win Game 

“Spin to Win” is a gamification marketing strategy that operates by offering users the chance to win something in exchange for their time and attention. This game relies on luck and is frequently referred to as a “lucky spin” or “lucky wheel”.

This interactive promotional campaign allows participants to try their luck and potentially win prizes by spinning a wheel. “Spin to Win” serves as an excellent method to captivate visitors, enhance brand promotion, and generate new leads.

Here are a few examples of spin-to-win gamification that Elofun employs for its partners:

  • Lucky Spin [Elofun x MyID]
  • Bang Chuyen Ky Dieu [Elofun x VTPost]

2️⃣ Loyalty Game

Frequently, this kind of game is seamlessly integrated into loyalty programs.  Loyalty gamification transforms activities that are not typically considered enjoyable, such as building a loyalty program, into a more engaging and game-like process. Utilizing gamification serves as an excellent method to establish and nurture loyalty, providing a compelling incentive for customers to repeatedly choose your business.

Here are a few examples of loyalty gamification that Elofun employs for its partners:

  • Sieu Vu Tru [Elofun x My Viettel]
  • Ngay Vang [Elofun x Viettel Money]

3️⃣ Quiz Game

Quiz gamification involves the conversion of regular activities into a game format. In this game, players answer a set of multiple-choice questions to compete for prizes. Interactive gamified quizzes have the potential to boost customer motivation and enhance retention rates by integrating features like points, badges, and leaderboards.

4️⃣ Peek-a-boo Game

Peek-a-boo is a simple way to get website/app visitors to take special notice of what’s going on on your website/app. This type of game could begin as soon as someone lands on your page/app or after someone has selected “Play”. Players engage in a search for randomly placed items, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Leveraging gamification can have a profound impact on your business, propelling engagement, fostering lead generation, and amplifying average order values. Furthermore, this strategy facilitates the collection of data, offering a strategic advantage in effectively selling more products.

Elofun, a respected and high-quality gamification production unit, is trusted and chosen by numerous prominent partners. Connect us now and engage more users with us!

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